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What are the correct hair-washing steps to follow?

What are the correct hair-washing steps to follow?


Hair washing steps might seem a little abnormal to you. Most likely, you haven't given much thought to shampooing your hair throughout the years.

Yes, it's possible that you conducted some study before choosing your shampoo and conditioner. However, it's unlikely that you gave the question of whether you're washing your hair properly much thought.

Here are some basic steps for you to follow.

Hair Washing Steps #1 - Wet your hair thoroughly.

Do not apply your shampoo immediately. Allow your hair to become completely wet instead.

This may take longer than you think, based on your hair. After letting the water run over your head for at least one minute, run your fingers through the hair to make sure it is completely wet (including the ends).

Allowing your hair to become completely wet with lukewarm water opens the cuticles, making it simpler for your hair to absorb conditioner later.

Hair Washing Steps #2 - Apply your shampoo

This shampoo should be suitable for your hair.

You should also use an adequate amount of shampoo for your hair length. Short hair should be shampooed using a nickel-sized amount. Think quarter-sized for shoulder-length hair. Try squeezing enough shampoo to cover your palm roughly if you have long hair.

Mix the shampoo with a little water in your palm before applying it to your hair. "You'll reduce the direct effect of the shampoo on your scalp and product consumption this way.

Hair Washing Steps #3 - Go easy on your scalp.

Digging in with your nails to "loosen" buildup on your scalp is tempting, but this is a terrible idea.

Our scalps are extremely sensitive to abrasive washing. "Never scrub with your nails because it can cause severe irritation and even infection."

Instead, spend 3 minutes massaging your scalp with gentle pressure and no nails. Aim for the same pressure a stylist uses when washing your hair and massaging your scalp.

While massaging the shampoo into your scalp, avoid circular or harsh back-and-forth movements.

To avoid tangling and damaging the follicles, move your fingers and palms gently.

Hair Washing Steps #4 - Rinse thoroughly

Rinse your hair for 1 to 2 minutes to remove any remaining soap. People often make the mistake of leaving shampoo in their hair, resulting in buildup on the scalp.

If you have dry hair, you should try rinsing it with cold water to keep it stronger and healthier. Cold water does not dry out your hair's sebum layer, a naturally lubricated barrier that safeguards and strengthens it.

Hair Washing Steps #5 - Apply conditioner

You shouldn't use conditioner on your scalp because it will make it oily. Apply the conditioner from the mid-shaft up to the ends of your hair instead.

Then, set it aside for the recommended time (usually found on the bottle). Some conditioners require 2 to 3 minutes of sitting time, while others require 5 to 7 minutes. Allowing it to sit for up to time will soften and smooth the hair, making it shinier once dry.

However, if you leave your conditioner in for too long, it may be difficult to remove and may leave residue behind.

While the conditioner is soaking in, detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb if desired.

Hair Washing Steps #6 - Rinse again

Make sure you get it all out, just like you do with shampoo. Not rinsing your hair properly can damage your hair and can increase hair loss.

Hair Washing Steps #7 - Dry

The towel dries your hair after you get out of the bathroom. Instead of rubbing your hair, squeeze or pat it dry.

Try to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Material fibres that are rougher may cause more damage to your hair.

If desired, apply a detangler or hair protectant after towel drying.

These are some steps you can take to wash your hair in an effective manner.

Depending on your hair and body type, the steps may vary. If you have a problem, consult a doctor before taking any step.

Let us know your thoughts.

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